An artisanal approach

Embark on a mouth-watering Breton adventure over land and sea with Julien Braun!

Julien created the Poisson d’Ouest brand of gourmet seafood preserves in 2015. Today he single-handedly produces 170,000 jars a year. The jars’ colourful labels bring the hues of a painter’s palette to the pantry, while the rillettes, spreads and whole fish tucked inside harbour a wealth of know-how.

For his original recipes, Julien Braun selects the finest natural ingredients: fish and shellfish freshly caught along the Breton coast. He shapes each recipe with passion and creativity, adding a dash of tradition, authenticity and innovation.

From a wide variety of recipes, Julien conjures up culinary surprises. Tried-and-true favourites appear alongside more unusual and daring flavour combinations: crab, sardines, mackerel, pollack with Molène sausage, red mullet with Léon artichoke, and Breton lobster with yuzu. There’s something to please even the most gourmet of palates!

To taste Poisson d’Ouest products for yourself, visit one of the fine food shops listed on our website.

With an aperitif, before lunch or dinner, or as an appetiser, take a bite of Poisson d’Ouest Breton seafood preserve, close your eyes, and let the taste of salt water, sea foam and ocean spray wash over you.
Bon appetit!

For Poisson d’Ouest, the quality and freshness of ingredients is our number-one priority. By using exceptional local ingredients harvested with respect for the environment, we’re able to offer our clients a range of high-quality products.

Our main ingredient is fish caught in coastal waters, and we select it with care, ensuring that our products benefit from the added value of the choicest and freshest pieces.

At Poisson d’Ouest, we feel that the authentic taste of our ingredients speaks for itself, and we’re committed to using no artificial colours, preservatives or additives in our original recipes. This is as much in the interest of flavour as of the health of our customers, many of whom are loyal fans of our brand.

All our products are prepared in a facility compliant with EC food safety standards, and several inspections are carried out every year on our premises.

The founder of Poisson d’Ouest, Julien Braun, chose to base his business in Finistère, where he works with passion to single-handedly create innovative recipes and to prepare and package the products, turning out more than 170,000 jars per year.

And his business is set to grow! New and innovative recipes are on the horizon, and will join the current range for even more gourmet pleasure. And, as always, excellence is our bottom line.

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