Whole fishes

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Whole fishes
Sardines with seaweed


Our sardines, with their exceptional salt-water tang, are placed upright and soaked in olive oil. Available in three flavours: plain, chilli and seaweed.

Whole fishes
Mackerel Fillets


Mackerel is enjoyed throughout Europe, where it's usually eaten cold in fillets. Marinated in high-quality vinegar and sweetened with a touch of honey, this tasty fish will add a touch of class to your salads.

Whole fishes
Sardines in olive oil


Traditionally, sardines are eaten with all kinds of sauces, provided they are fried. Here, we offer you an original way of cooking them: they are standing upright, wet and come in three recipes: plain, chilli and seaweed.

Whole fishes
Sardines with Chilli


Not your usual tin of sardines! We stack our sardines upright and soak them in olive oil before adding a touch of chilli to enhance the flavour of these iconic fish of the French Atlantic coast.

Whole fishes
Germon Tuna


Germon tuna is fished during summer off the Breton coast. Much sweeter than other types of tuna, it needs only a touch of olive oil to dress it up for centre stage.

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